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Hand Tossed New York Style
Thin Crust Pizza

Our special dough is freshly made in house.

Served with red sauce with optional garlic butter sauce or plain olive oil.

Small Pizza is 10”                    Large Pizza is 14”

You’ll love our pepperoni, smoked ham, house made sausage and meatballs.

Hawaiian Pizza

Smoked ham and pineapple

Small $9.80 Large $14.05

Margherita Pizza

Fresh basil and roma tomatoes

Small $9.80 Large $14.05

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Roasted Chicken, smoked bacon & ranch

Small $10.30 Large $14.55


Specialty Pizzas

Small $12.25 Large $18.25


Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms,

Red onion, black olives


Mushrooms, red onion, tomato

And green peppers


Olive oil, spinach, garlic

Tomato, red onion and bacon


Olive oil & garlic base, spinach,

Tomato, red onion, artichoke heart

and feta cheese

Bacon + Blue Cheese

Olive oil base, spinach, bacon,

Tomato, blue cheese

Pepperoni Feast

Two layers of pepperoni

& extra cheese

Meat Lovers

Pepperoni, smoked ham,

House made sausage

& House made sliced meatballs

Super Meat Lovers

Pepperoni, smoked ham,

House made sausage,

House made sliced meatballs,

Bacon & BBQ Sauce


Spinach, garlic, house roasted chicken

And artichoke hearts

Western Comfort

Fresh basil, spinach, pepperoni,

Artichoke hearts & tomato

BBQ Chicken

BBQ sauce, house roasted chicken,

Onion, smoked bacon

Sweet N Hot

Pepperoni, pineapple, smoked bacon,

Jalapeno, hot sauce, and BBQ sauce


Build Your Own Pizza

Small 10 Inch Pizza $7.30

+ $1.25 per topping

Large 14 Inch Pizza $9.55

+ $2.25 per topping

Meat toppings:

Pepperoni & Smoked ham,

House made sausage & meatballs,

House roasted chicken, Smoked bacon

Vegetable toppings:

Mushrooms, red onions, black olives,

Pineapple, Green Peppers

Jalapeno, Spinach, Tomato

Fresh basil, Artichoke hearts

& Fresh garlic

Additional toppings:

Feta cheese & Blue cheese



House Garden

Romaine lettuce, Fresh veggies.


Cherry Apple

Apple slices, Dried cherries,

Cucumbers, Lightly candied pecans, Romaine lettuce, and Feta cheese.


Bacon Blue & Spinach

Fresh spinach, Bacon, Fresh tomato,

Red onions and Blue cheese.


Chef Salad

Romaine Lettuce, House Roasted Chicken,

Smoked Ham, Onion, Cucumber,

Tomato & Carrots



Ranch, Blue Cheese & Italian

Our dressings are all made in house

With pure olive oil. Served on the side.

Extra Dressing: $0.75

Add chicken: $2.00

Add mozzarella: $1.00


Hot Sandwiches

with Kettle Chips


BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken, Bacon

Onions and Mozzarella cheese


Sliced meatballs with Red sauce

And Mozzarella cheese


Pepperoni, Ham,

Sausage, Mozzarella cheese,

And a side of Ranch or Italian dressing


Mushroom, Onion

Green Pepper, Tomato

And Mozzarella cheese



Chicken Wings

Oven baked wings 8 pieces,

Choice of BBQ or Hot


Pepperoni Rolls

Rolled pizza dough with

garlic butter sauce, pepperoni,

Mozzarella & Parmesan cheese

With a side or red sauce


Meatball Slider


Cheese Bread Sticks

Real butter, garlic,

House grated Parmesan cheese,

Mozzarella cheese,

served with Ranch or Red Sauce


Extra sauce: $0.75

Mozzarella Sticks

Oven baked with a side of Red Sauce




Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root beer,

Lemonade, Dr. Pepper,

Iced Tea & Arnold Palmer


Apple Juice


Shirley Temple



CK Mondavi, Chardonnay

CK Mondavi, Cabernet

$5.00/glass - $19.00/bottle

Cupcake, Pino Grigio

Gabbiano, Chianti

Noble Vines, 181 Merlot

$7.00/glass - $27.00/bottle


Coors Light



Fat Tire


New Castle

New Belgium 1554

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale


Elephant Rock IPA

Devil’s Head Red

Gold Rush Belgian Strong

Blue Moon Belgian White


½ Price on Beer & Wine on Tuesdays!

Nut Disclaimer: It’s not guaranteed that the food served here has not come into contact with nuts or nut oil.

To ensure timely and efficient service, split checks is limited to 2 per table. Cash and major credit cards only. Sorry no checks accepted.

P38 Pizza is a veteran and locally owned business. P38 Pizza is proud to be independently operated by a family (John, Val & Paulene).